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Satin-finished Titanium hard anodised aluminium colours sheet
Time :2021-06-03
The satin-faced titanium aluminum aluminum plate has a satin-like delicate surface, and the overall effect is not inferior to the metal-like brushed aluminum plate.
In architectural decoration applications, the Satin-finished Titanium titanium antural anodized aluminum sheet has a soft metal texture, scratch resistance, strong weather resistance, does not leave fingerprints after touching, is antistatic, does not absorb dust, and is easy to clean. It is 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic, completely fireproof, and its specific gravity is only stainless steel. One-third of it can be directly stamped and formed in post-processing, and the bending part is resistant to bursting. Various advantages provide brand new high-quality materials for architectural decoration and provide designers with more possibilities.
The Satin-finished Titanium hard >anodised aluminium colours sheet can also be used in various industries such as household appliances, consumer electronics, signs, cosmetics, etc. The titanium aluminum oxide board is widely used in various industries, showing the unique charm of the titanium antural anodized aluminum sheet.
 Satin-finished Titanium hard anodised aluminium colours sheet
Satin-finished Titanium hard anodised aluminium colours sheet
product name
1100 Satin-finished Titanium hard anodised aluminium colours sheet
tensile strength
Yield Strength
Elongation (%)
0.4-2.0 (coil material) or 0.4-4.0 (sheet material)
Sheet material ≤5000 rolls are not limited
Coil material≤1250 sheet material≤1500
Neutral salt spray test
Outer packaging customization
According to customer needs