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Anodised aluminum sheet roll for interior decoration
Time :2021-06-19
Aluminum anodized plate, whether it is appearance or performance, is an upgrade of general aluminum plate.anodised aluminum sheet is superior to general aluminum plate in both performance and appearance. The following editor analyzes the advantages of anodised aluminum sheet for us. 
Anodised aluminum sheet roll for interior decoration
Anodised aluminum sheet roll for interior decoration
In terms of appearance, the appearance of the anodised aluminium sheet is more delicate and the gloss is soft. The special oxidation treatment can generate an oxide film containing a certain element on the surface of the aluminum board, which makes the appearance of the aluminum board show a different color and enhances the visual effect. The use of anodized aluminium sheet roll does not require modification, and can be directly stamped and formed to improve the overall aesthetics of the product. Compared with the general aluminum plate, the aluminum oxide board makes the product more high-end and richer in texture.
In terms of performance, general aluminum plates are simply scratched and dirty; aluminum oxide plates are resistant to scratches and scrubbing due to their common oxide film, are resistant to ultraviolet rays and do not fade, do not leave fingerprints after touching, are antistatic, do not absorb dust, and are easy to clean. . ,
It is precisely because of its various characteristics that anodised aluminum sheet are better than ordinary aluminum panels, they are widely used in electronic panels, home appliance panels, integrated ceilings, interior decoration, outdoor curtain walls, cabinets, handicrafts, signs, lighting, etc.
The application of anodised aluminium plate sheet is very extensive, and it can be used in various occupational applications such as signage, mobile electronic equipment, household appliances, construction, and decoration. The color of theanodized aluminum sheet is also very rich, with natural, black, rose gold, matte white, stainless steel, gold and other colors to choose from. Different occupations can choose oxidation products with different appearances. In the signage industry, different colors can be selected according to the characteristics and needs of the product. In the use of signs, the basic colors such as nature, stainless steel, gold, etc. are usually selected, which will make the signs look concise and generous and can highlight the characteristics of the signs themselves.