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Anodized Aluminum for Cabinet Furniture
Anodized Aluminum Sheet for Cabinet and Furniture

Anodized aluminum sheet is used for making cabinet and furniture, firstly because of good aluminum features:
1.No deformation, has a strong impact resistance, can withstand an adult weight of 70 kilograms.
2. Not cracking, using high strength aluminum alloy sheet.
3. Not rust, guarantee product durable
4. Does not fade, not only to make aluminum alloy board has a beautiful sense of beauty, not fade.
5. Not moldy, aluminum alloy material does not belong to reflective substances, not susceptible to mildew
6. Formaldehyde free, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, absolute 0 formaldehyde.
7. Not waste, all aluminum furniture, both value preservation, recycling, low consumption, but also energy saving and environmental protection
8. Tide resistance, water resistance, can be directly washed and cleaned with water, never rot.
9. Fire resistance, aluminum alloy furniture has a strong heat resistance, experiments show that can withstand the temperature difference of 200 degrees without damage.
10. Insects resistance, aluminum alloy furniture is extremely hard, not afraid of any insect rats.

Secondly anodized aluminum sheet have good features:
1. Anodized aluminum plate has long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance, making it perfect for a correctional environment.
2. Anodized exterior plus interior and exterior door panels, the hard, scratch-resistant surface remains free of fingerprints. Plus, it’s sanitary and easy to clean.
3. Anodized finish provides a durable, non-toxic, UV and moisture resistant finish, it also have variety of anodized aluminum finishes.
Because of above features, anodized aluminum sheet is used for many industries  such as the kitchens, Airplanes, Constructions, Electronic, Packing, Etc.

Specification-Anodized aluminum sheet for cabinet and furniture
Alloy Temper Thickness
1050, 1060, 1070 ,1100, 3003, 3105, 5052, 5005,5154,5754, 5083, 5182, 6061, 6063,etc O, F H14, H16,H18H32,H34 H36,H38
≤3mm Thickness tolerance is according to EN485-4 Standard ≤1520 Width
Tolerance is according to EN485-4 Standard
Length tolerance is according to EN485-4 Standard
Anodized aluminum film: ≤20 um, or as customer’s request
Surface: Satin Finish,Bright finish, Brush finish,Sand etc.
Colors: Nature,Champagne,Gold,Grey,Bronze,Dark Bronze,Black,etc
   Mechanical properties are in complicance with EN485-2 standard