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Anodised honeycomb aluminium plate for sale
Time :2021-05-29
anodised honeycomb aluminium plate for sale is novel, beautiful, chic, and very modern. The anodic oxidation process is different from the ordinary painting process. It uses electric current to electrolyze the conductive acid electrolyte to oxidize the aluminum metal surface that constitutes the anode. A thick and dense aluminum oxide protective film is naturally grown on the aluminum surface. The oxide film is not an additional layer and will not peel off. The oxide film is transparent and colorless, and the microcrystalline structure is hexagonal honeycomb. It can not only use the natural color of aluminum to highlight the strong metallic feeling, but also can uniformly color the curtain wall in the micropores to give the curtain wall a brilliant color, which greatly broadens the designer's application horizon. To
Anodised honeycomb aluminium plate for sale 
Anodised honeycomb aluminium plate for sale
Anodised honeycomb aluminium plate for sale uses sheet metal as the panel, cuts and cuts the material, sorts and bends it, that is, processing and forming, plus pre-processing, and then welding and polishing the contours of the aluminum honeycomb panel and the corners, in use Adhesive glue bonding, the aluminum honeycomb panel is assembled and combined, and the material is hanged after the pretreatment. The next step of the material is spraying. There are many kinds of paint materials for spraying, which can be freely selected from fluorocarbon or polyester.
Easy to clean and simple to maintain. The anodised honeycomb aluminium plate for sale produced by special anodic oxidation has excellent anti-fouling ability. The special structure of the oxide film makes the surface of the curtain wall not adsorb dust and leave fingerprints, making daily cleaning easier. The dense oxide film has good weather resistance and can provide a quality guarantee for more than 15 years. The oxide film has the function of automatic repair, which undoubtedly greatly reduces the risk of repair and maintenance for high-rise buildings.