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Charging pile anodized aluminum plate profile
Time :2021-07-02

The aluminum alloy shell required for electric vehicle charging piles is a colored product. The aluminum profile of the electric vehicle charging pile needs to be customized. The aluminum profile of the electric vehicle charging pile is generally composed of two parts, which is a bit like an aluminum alloy trunking.

Charging pile anodized aluminum plate profile
Charging pile anodized aluminum plate profile

The surface treatment of aluminum profile is an indispensable process, which can increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The aluminum profile of non-ferrous electric vehicle charging pile adopts anodizing treatment, which has the advantages of film thickness and beautiful color.

Anodizing can improve the corrosion resistance, surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy products, and has a good decorative effect after coloring. anodised aluminum plate profile is very popular in the decorative material market, which is closely related to its good performance. Excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, fine metal texture, high hardness, and oil resistance that is popular in recent years, making it a leader in the aluminum sheet industry.

In recent years, as a new type of building decoration material, anodized aluminium plate profile have gradually been widely used by the public. When many buildings are under construction, in order to show their uniqueness and creativity, they will use anodized aluminum panels to improve the decorative effect, such as the CCTV building and Beijing Daxing Airport.

anodised aluminium plate profile can become the choice of building decoration materials. The main factor is that the anodized aluminum panels can not only ensure the colorful and beautiful decoration effect, but also can create a safer decoration style with the characteristics of lighter weight and convenient installation.