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Anodised aluminium colours sheet coil
Time :2021-04-30

High-temperature disinfection cabinets generally use far-infrared heating. The electric heating element heats air or generates radiant heat. After the appliance is subjected to high temperature for a period of time, the bacteria, viruses and other microbial protein tissues on the surface are deformed and killed.

Anodised aluminium colours sheet coil

The anodised aluminium colours sheet coil is the plate treated by anodic oxidation. After this treatment, it can effectively protect the material from being corroded, and it is also fireproof and easy to dissipate heat. The production process of the oxidation plate of the disinfection cabinet adopts a unique anodization treatment, which is Some electrochemical bright treatment technology has made a revolutionary breakthrough, which can effectively protect materials from corrosion, anti-static, non-absorbent, easy to clean, fireproof, and has excellent heat dissipation. The surface of anodised aluminium colours sheet coil will never fall off, which is especially suitable for home furnishing. Selection, is gradually becoming the new favorite of the home improvement aluminum gusset industry. The requirements for craftsmanship are high, and the price is also high. Because the surface is fine and smooth, does not change color, it is resistant to cleaning in the three categories.