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Production process of brushed aluminum anodised sheet plate
Time :2022-05-27

The surface of the aluminum plate needs to be oxidized after the wire drawing treatment. The oxidation treatment is to protect the wire drawing aluminum plate. Prevent the aluminum plate from scratching.

More and more metal shells of aluminum plate products use metal wire drawing process to play a beautiful and anti-corrosion effect. Make the product both fashionable and technological elements. This is one of the reasons why the craft is so popular.

brushed aluminum anodised sheet plate

brushed aluminum anodised sheet plate

In the aluminum sheet drawing process, the special film technology after anodizing can make the surface of the aluminum sheet form a film layer containing the metal component, and clearly show every fine wire trace, so that the metal matte appears fine hair. Silky sheen.

The process of surface brushed aluminum anodised sheet plate

1. Oxidation cannot be done by natural oxidation.

The surface obtained by natural oxidation should be called quality defect, and its oxide film is completely different from the specially treated oxide film in composition and appearance.

2. Coloring is not a post-treatment of oxidation, but is carried out at the same time as oxidation. The following oxidation and coloring treatment methods are commonly used:

(1) Colored anodic oxide film, aluminum anodic oxide film, is colored by adsorbing dyes, adding pigments in the treatment solution, such as red and blue, generally adding some color developing agents, such as oxalic acid, etc., or both of the above Add to;

(2) Spontaneous color anodic oxide film, this anodic oxide film is a certain aluminum material in a suitable electrolyte (usually based on organic acid) under the action of electrolysis, the alloy itself spontaneously generates a belt Colored anodized film;

(3) Electrolytic coloring, the coloring of the anodic oxide film, is colored by the electrodeposition of metal or metal oxide through the gap of the oxide film, and generally the aluminum plate becomes golden yellow after conductive oxidation;